Sunday, August 7, 2011

August already??

The summer is flying by. I have had my two trips to California, pony camp here with 12 campers, USPC Champs and a rating in Seattle, where I got to visit with my cousin Deb and Aunt Alyce.
I just got back from the Show Jumping C3 in Aiken, SC. A lot of my friends tested. Reesie got her B! And Eliza, who was here back in the cold, dark winter, has gotten her HA and A this summer.
Some of those who tested may not have passed, but they showed themselves to be good sports and hopefully learned some things that can help them in the future, whether they retest or not.
A shout out to Melanie Watson, who did not pass the flat, but continued on. However, when a candidate who was still in it had horse trouble, Melanie offered her horse as an extra. She rocks. This is why I love pony club.
I have one more HA, HB next weekend and then a couple days vacation in San Antonio with my friend Jane. Jane is about my only non-horse friend. She is a good sport about listening to everything all horse,all the time, though.
The Princess has been a bit not quite right this spring and we think she has EPM. She has been treated for about a month now and seems to be doing well. If it ever gets below 90, I might actually ride again.
Page Herman joined us as a boarder, with the lovely Reina. Congrats to Page on her purchase!
On July 6th, I had to lay Abu to rest. She was 16 1/2. I found her on I 40, starving to death. She was an opinionated, lively dog who stuck to me like glue. I was HER person. the feeling was mutual. Rest in peace, Boo.

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